Home Again
I looks as though the last of the "WILD BUNCH" are home or getting close to sleeping in there own beds. Again I would like to thank Will,Crissy, and all those who worked so hard to make MG-V a great success. Congrats to you all.
Kelowna BC

Hey Gord ...

Reminder to please post a pic and a description of the mod you did. The bag replacing the left side dummy cover. That's really kewl.

Nil Sine Labore

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Cover be gone

I will do that, hopefully tomorrow. It sounds like your ride from the West to East went well. It was a pleasure meeting you in Dubois
, Ride Safe

Glad you made it home. Gary TJ

I was getting to worry You went to see Morg On the way home.
Now you can put Lori's lowers on Mine work great thanks again for my lowers.

Low riding all the way, Raymond :-)


It was great top meet you and I am sure we will run into one another again on some ride around here. :-)

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Sure was fun....

meeting you. And, thanks so much for giving Kat your bingo prize. She is excited about getting her new helmet lock placed on her ride. Hope you can make more events in the future.


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It was great to meet you

It was great to meet you Gord. Hope you can make another!

It takes a lot of folks putting efforts together to make these happen. From the banners, diligent work finding a hotel, donations to the swag pile, patches, pins, and other contributions... but most importantly the people that show up are the ones who make these meetings so special.

Will R.