Thunder Bay, Ontario

tire size on back

has anyone put a 200 on the back of there vstar 1300

how to remove chrome

does anyone know how to remove chrome from your handle bars i want to strip my bars and paint then black

black handlebars

i,m looking for black handlebars to fit my vstar1300

tripple tree bearings

has anyone put new bearings in there tripple tree stem yet
i,m thinking of doing it this winter
if so what bearings did u use thanks

lucas oil

has any one use lucas oil in there bike

progressive springs 1145

i,m going to install progressive springs 1145 what size should i cut the spacer and i,m going to leave the oil the same
i put the 1145 springs in and left the oil the same but i cut then 1.75 and it is alot better thanks for the help

tires shinko 777 reviews on these

has anyone every used these tires shinko 777
and if so what were they like

pirelli night dragon tires

has anyone ever use the pirelli night dragon rear tires
i have heard that they are good tires

spark plugs

hello there
i.m thinking of changing my spark plugs in my v star 1300
i heard that this plug will give me a 12% increased in horsepower
but was wounding if anyone has try ed these plugs E3 Diamondfire Spark Plugs

2009 v star 1300

2009  v star 1300
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