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Something along the line that Butch has discovered that I also discovered is this site I found through my subscription to Pennsylvania Magazine. Click on the state of your choice on the map and it will list some motorcycle tours that are of interest to that particular area. Could be a real valuable tool to those who wish to see scenic routes that are of interest to any given state that one may be passing through or simply a guide to your own state and routes that are of interest to each location. I have this site saved to my favorites and plan on taking a couple of the local rides here in my neck of the woods in Southwestern Pennsylvania and the Laurel Highlands. There are some very gorgeous scenic areas that I just need to go see in my own area that I wasn't even aware of. Give this site a look and you may find some little treasures in your neck of the woods too.


Looking over some old posts

I found this in my old posts and decided to bring it up again for those who may never have seen it the first time around. Check the site out. It is a pretty good one. May even help if you are planning a long trip. And may also give you ideas for a new place to try in your own state and close to home. It gave me a few recommendations for some great roads to try here in Pennsylvania.



Thanks for the site Dave. You just made the summer easier to plan.

Hi Dave … and thanks

Had a look at the website and it is definitely a resource worth book marking. Now being up here in the “cold white north” [Canada], I’m a little disappointed that the world [according to the people responsible for the website] stops at the northern US border. All too often the case I’m afraid.

That said, and in as much as most of my motorcycle travels are below the 49th, I always appreciate knowing of these resources.

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This is where the world of

This is where the world of over-sizing everything ends. Every time I go to visit my family in Canada I'm surprised when I order a large coffee at Tim Hortons and they give me a small one.