Treasure Coast/Big Lake Riders

Central Florida Meet & Greet

2009-10-25 10:00

Central Florida Cruisers meet and greet. We will meet at the Bob Evans Resturant in Sebring at 10:00 am, grab a table or two. Plan a group ride for a future date, enjoy each other's fellowship and have breakfast ( or early lunch together).

Finally trying a post

I started this chapter to try to find some common riders in our area. Sorry, I haven't been on for awhile. It's great to see there are now 6 members in the chapter.

I've been riding about 18 months. Starter bike was a Volusia which is now the wife's. Got the 1300 about a month later. Live in Stuart, and get out whenever possible.

Hey all! Give a shout out and lets see what we can get rollin'.

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