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Hi Everyone!

I've been working on some organization and streamlining on our server here (got another usage warning from our hosting company)... that's a good thing! Anyway... we're all clean again. In fact, I would be surprised if response time didn't improve a bit with the cleanup. Moving forward, we may have to boost our bandwidth/storage space. I really don't want to purge any posts or images, so that really isn't an option.

I've added a small ad unit for non-authenticated users (non-members). It seems as though there are always way more browsers here than actual members (147 guests vs. 5 members as I write this), so I'll show them an extra ad, while trying to keep them to a minimum for our members. You'll see it once you land on the main page, but it'll go away after you log in.

I've taken down the online store. Amazon kicked all Missouri residents out of their affiliate program because of some sales tax law the Governor signed into effect... apparently Amazon didn't like it. First time I've been fired from anywhere. Won't go into the details, but thanks to everyone that purchased something through our link! On my to-do list is to design some 1300 swag (t-shirts, hats, mugs, etc)... not sure when that'll happen, but I'm hoping before Christmas time.

Anyway... I hope this finds you well. I got a chance to meet Brian Q. last weekend for lunch... it was good seeing him again! Can't wait to see the rest of you! Gosh... time to start voting on M&G 7!!

Take care!

Will R.


Will… Thank You

Just want to say thanks for this site. Can't wait to buy a tee shirt or three!

Thanks for all your hard work, Will

This is a great site, thanks to your vision and the amazing clientele. Jenn and I are proud to call ourselves part of the family. Hopefully this will be the year we get to come back to the family reunion, wherever it is.


Thanks, Will

Good to hear from you--hope all is well down on the ranch. Yes--let's get some voting going for M&G 7!


I'd rather be wise than smart.

Will R.

Always grateful for a clean & safe site.

Thanks, Raymond

Hi Will ...

Knowing how busy you've become with the farm and all, I'm happy with whatever you deem best for us. Why do hackers and spanners exist is what I'd like to know? Cowards, misfits and degenerates all, as far as I'm concerned!

That said, even though "Enterprise" is now stored for winter, I'm already getting antsy about M&G 7. Hard to believe that we first met on the way to Rogers for that first M&G in 2008.

Thanks for all you do for us and particularly for being the catalyst for some meaningful friendships.

Nil Sine Labore

Ya can't roller skate in a Buffalo heard; cause ya might trip and fall in a Buffalo terd. Thanks Roger Miller-RIP