Walmart running lights

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Just did the install of running lights on my bike and notice that they are hotter than hell to touch, is this normal or is something wrong. They look great and work very well, but you cannot lay your hand on the light for more than 1-2 seconds with getting a real uncomfortable feeling from the heat they throw off. Any suggestions. I do not know a lot about electrical systems.


The walmart lights run very hot. Our headlights, and the OEM passing lights, have tiny bulbs, surrounded by a large space before the casing. This allows the heat to radiate slowly from casing, and therefore does not burn you immediately when you touch it. The walmart lights are not in a large casing. In fact, the glass lens is the actual bulb of the light, and therefore there is no room for the heat to spread out and cool down before reaching the surface of the encasement. This means you feel every bit of heat that the light creates. Don't worry about the heat. Just keep all meltables, and your hands, away from the lights when they are on.

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Thanks I really did not know what the issue was but you have made it very clear. This is a great place to ask information everyone seems to know from experience what a lot of the technical issues are and it really helps me. Thanks for your input and have a great 2009.