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You may now create your own 1300 Chapter! Check the Chapters link to the left to see if there is already one established... if not, create one by clicking Create Content then Chapter.

Thanks for visiting! Before you dive into the sea of information here, please create your free account. Once you do, you will have access to all of the information as well as the ability share your own stories, photos, and blogs! There are lots of features that I am working on that will be restricted to registered users. Please share your experiences with Yamaha's motorcycle, the V-Star 1300 and the 1300 Tourer.

Over the past year, our site has steadily grown and membership now is over 4000 worldwide. The 1300 Tourer and the 1300 is now in it's sixth year, and it is doing well! I started this website with the intention of it being the premier website for information regarding Yamaha's new addition to their line, the V-Star 1300 Tourer.

During my first year of ownership, I took a 3500 mile round trip to the Grand Canyon on the 1300 Tourer. This was a huge improvement over my trip to Yellowstone on my old 650 V-Star Custom! I needed the ability to climb mountain roads with all of my gear attached. I think Yamaha's 1300 Tourer is perfect... not to mention the huge hard saddlebags that are big enough to hold all of my camping equipment.

Please join our family... create your account, and introduce yourself in the forums. Our family grows every day, and we are happy and excited to have you join in!

Will R.