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Run for the Son

Hi All,
On the first Saturday in May, the Christian Motorcyclist Association will be hosting the Annual "Run for the Son". This is a 100 mile ride. Each chapter plans their own route and events. The Chapter I associate with will meet at 10:00 a.m. at Arkport Cycle in Arkport, NY. (Arkport Cycle gives a discount to those who come in that day).
Great Opportunity to meet and greet. Contact me at jerryfeulmer@hotmail.com if you want more details.

Sept Charity Ride

I'm a city of Rochester, NY FF and a current 2007 1300 Tourer owner. Our local chapter of the Axemen are having their Annual Charity Ride Sunday Sept. 16, 2012. Start and End at Romeos Restaurant, 2500 Ridgeway Ave. (Greece, NY) Registration is 10am to noon. Post Party 1-5 pm Rider registration is $25, passenger is $20. Party Admission is included. There will also be a triple trailer giveaway (tickets extra) axementrailerraffle@yahoo.com Scratch Off Prizes-Door Prizes- Food- beverages

Doug Platt

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Lets define our chapter.

Hey All,

In the short time I've been in this group, I have noticed that there are a few of us wondering what defines our group and who is in it. To schedule M&Gs etc. it would be good to have contact with the whole chapter. I see that there are people who are geographically in the chapter, but are not chapter members and of the 23 listed chapter members, only two of us have our locations posted on the map.

I would suggest that #1 we define our area, #2 we find a way to make contact with people in our chapter, and #3 get those bios and maps filled out so we know who we are.

To start this process, when I think of Western NY, I think of everthing west of I-81 and south of Lake Ontario. Would this meet most people's views?

Let's talk this out and get some clarity!

Jerry a.k.a. 'fulmin8r'

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Is there anyone here?

Is there anyone in the WNY region? Any plans or events? Please contact me: jerryfeulmer@hotmail.com

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