what is the best ds tire for high speed,rain,sandy dirt roads?

goodyear triple tread..... 205/60/16
17% (1 vote)
Michelin Primacy MXV4 A/S ...... 205/60-16
33% (2 votes)
Yokohama AVID ENVigor A/S ...... 205/60-16
17% (1 vote)
Sumitomo HTR P01 A/S ...... 205/60-16
0% (0 votes)
Pirelli Cinturato P7 A/S ...... 205/60-16
0% (0 votes)
Hankook Optimo H727 A/S ...... 205/60-16
17% (1 vote)
Cooper CS4 Touring A/S ...... 205/60-16
0% (0 votes)
Firestone Precision Sport A/S ...... 205/60-16
0% (0 votes)
Falken Ziex ZE912 A/S ...... 205/60-16
0% (0 votes)
17% (1 vote)
Total votes: 6


i went with goodyear tt,very

i went with goodyear tt,very happy with it,,,,how to del. pole dunno?

They are all good....

You would probably be happy with any of the above. Raymond's advice sounds good to me. I will tell you as an ex-darksider with over 25k miles on a car tire that there is a difference in handling between the car tire and the MC tire. I liked the car tire just fine while I had it on but when the Commander II and other high mileage MC tires came out, I went back to one because of the superior performance of them. MC tires just handle differently than car tires. If you do mostly highway miles and slow stuff with a passenger, then the car tire will work marvelously but handling in curves and tight turns is a lot more fun with a MC tire. That's what I've found anyway. Several things to consider: cost, mileage, handling, comfort. Go with what feels right to you. Just my input.


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This tire is a little more rounded ,much better then Altmax.
Running 32 psi it handles great . as for speed 126 on the highway no problems.
I run most highway & the twisties you do not know you have a D/S
If you use a 195-60-16the tire will more round on the edges.
My friend has a gold wing & most G/W riders run 195's
Hope this helps, Raymond

going ds soon

thanks 4 the feedback,keep it coming:)


I like this tire better then General. WHY am I only a 50% vote when I voted 100%????????
Thanks for the review TL.

Goodyear TT

I switched to a Goodyear TripleTread this time around, and I think it is superior to the Dunlop Signature (36K miles on that tire).

Follow up:

The Dunlop was my 1st DS tire. I really had nothing to compare to prior, so my opinion that the GY TT is better might be me seeing the expected difference since the TT is a better "All Season" tire in general than the "Signature II".
I will say the Dunlop did make it through dozens of burnouts and lots of gravel roads without showing the wear-n-tear. All-in-all I have nothing negative to report on the Dunlop. It had a 40K mi treadlife, and I got pretty close to that (if it was on a car it could have made it to 40K easy). For my 1st DS tire, it was a positive experience.

More DS news:

I fully expect to take a ride in the snow this winter. Both tires are new this year and as long as the weather plays along, I'm taking it out for a cruise. No, not with hard packed snow/ice build up and slush mess. I'm going to try for a fresh snow of a couple inches, hoping to maximize the tire's ability to use the snow for traction. Unfortunately I have 'hills' to make it over to get out of my apt parking lot, so it might be a futile effort right out of the garage.
But if I can make it to the street and for a cruise, that's going to be a real DS tire review.


im in fl. so let me know how

im in fl. so let me know how the tt does in snow,,,it does great in sandy dirt roads,,good luck ,have fun

Bridgestone Potenza

Ever hear the saying, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"? Your probably going to get a lot of good reasons why the DS tire that the owner is riding on is the best DS tire out there.

All I can tell you is why I purchased the one I ride on and how it's performing up to this point. The main reason I'm on a Bridgestone Potenza (V series) is because I like the tread design. There's a clear path for water to escape across the entire contact surface of the tire. Also there is more tread design continuing on the sidewall past the "edge" of the tire. As for stability I've got Dynabeads in both front and rear tires. There's no noticeable wobble at 100 mph and certainly none at 75 - 80 mph. I've only got a little over 5M miles on the Potenza so far and most of them are highway miles. Not showing any wear to this point.