What a day!

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Today was the day... time to trade in the Yamaha V-Star Custom 650 and get something bigger to carry me through the mountains.

The 650 had done me well. When I purchased that bike in late 2005, it came with 38 miles on it. Apparently the previous owner had taken it home and it scared her. That in turn got me about $1500 off retail. I was pretty happy... my second real motorcycle! I had owned a few dirt bikes, a couple scooters, etc... but really I started with a Kawasaki EX500 that a friend sold to me for $400. The EX500 was a great starter bike.

After 2 seasons of riding the EX500, I traded up for the 650 Custom.

After having the 650 for a season, it was time to plan the first big trip. Yellowstone National Park was the destination. I convinced a couple buddies to travel with me... they were as excited as I was. By far it was the best vacation I have ever taken,... 2 weeks and 3074 miles. The 650 pulled me through, but I struggled quite a bit in the mountains. Soon I'll get some photos posted in the gallery. By the way,... Worland Wyoming is a cool city... I'd like to say hello to Donnie and the Yamaha dealership there! I still wonder if he has that 1900cc Warrior for sale! Man... that thing roared. Whoever had it before had some serious nads! ;-)

After the trip, I realized I needed more power... the 650 winds up pretty well at 80 and I got around 30mpg. Tall climbs through the mountains netted about 55mph with the throttle wide open. Granted... I am not a small person, but I honestly thought there would be a little more umph behind the bike.

After searching through the fall, the V-Star 1300 Tourer caught my eye. I was concerned about the power of the 1100. My thought is that it would definately do better, but the extra cubic inches and fuel injection of the 1300 drew me in. The hard saddlebags was also a draw me.

Our last trip involved carrying our food and camping supplies, so plenty of storage was a necessity.

I guess I am getting a little off topic here... I tend to ramble!

My day started with the 650 on a trailer and a forecast of snow. No problem... it isn't supposed to start snowing till late evening. I'd go to work,... and when I got off, swing by the dealership and pick up my new ride.

I made it a few blocks before the tailer came off the hitch. Nice... I pulled over and got everything hooked up correctly! I thought I may have to change my pants after that event!

Around 10am the snow starts. It's about 18 degrees at this point so everything sticks and the roads become slick after an hour or two.

The worrying side of me takes over as I remember how the morning went. By 4pm there was a couple inches on the ground and traffic sucks ass. I arrive without any problems get the paperwork signed and I head out the door.

By this time, it is 5:15pm and rush hour is in full effect. Coming down a hill I tap the brakes to slow down a bit and end up sideways with my new 1300 Tourer loaded in the trailer behind me. All I can think of is wrecked bike with 3 miles on it. I almost soiled my pants. 6 months waiting for this bike and I am going to put it and myself in the ditch!!

I recovered and got straight. That was the last incident on the way home. The bike is sitting in my garage still on the trailer as I was too anxious to get started on a few cocktails to slow the heart rate.

A bit of advise... if it's snowing... wait! I do feel a sense of accomplishment however... but I think a lost a few months of my life from the self-imposed stress!

The Grand Canyon trip this summer should be fantastic!

Take care everyone!

Will R.