What kind of mileage did you get out of your original front tire?

less than 5K
0% (0 votes)
5K but less than 10K
32% (8 votes)
10K but less than 15K
32% (8 votes)
More than 15K
36% (9 votes)
Total votes: 25



you are still on your original front tire then you're not riding anywhere near enough.


I'd rather be wise than smart.

Does it help...

if this is my second 1300? I just changed the original tire on this one at 13458 miles; the first 1300 was killed by an errant Ford Taurus. But you are right, I don't get to ride as much as I would like.


You only go around once; do it right the first time.


Yea--you are forgiven. :) I should have known that as long as you've been around here, Ron, that you would be through more than 1 front tire. I just had a new front tire put on the Hondapottamus yesterday--less than 13k and the Bridgestone 709 was really shot. My original front on this bike only went 9k. I'm hoping for at least 15k on this Commander II as it cost $40 more than the Bridgestone it replaced. My original front on the 1300 went 15k before being cupped enough to wobble at low speed.


I'd rather be wise than smart.


Just a simple thought...have you tried a wagon wheel on the front ?
I hear the wheel has a steel belt !

Your friend in waiting, Raymond :-)