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Trailered up

Just finished mounting the hitch and wiring the plug. Mchitch bolted right up and the wiring was provided by electrical connection.com , I'm ready for next years M&G.

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Paul's 1300 Vstar trailer build

Trailer before mods (1024x768).jpg
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Just picked up a wooden box trailer on line and starting to make it into a Motorcycle trailer for my 2008 1300 Tourer.

Have just finished the hitch(Mchitch) and wiring harness, almost (just waiting for the 5 pin flat plug to arrive).

Next it will be full steam a head on the trailer, going to do the usual things, roof top carrier and a cooler up front. Am going to set up the wiring for separate brake and turn signals because I all ready have a single wheel trailer and I want everything interchangeable. See the video


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Raven's Nest...

Raven's Nest...

I finally put together my birthday gift! My bike is called Raven so I suppose this will be called Raven's Nest. what do you think? My awesome girlfriend bought the trailer for me and I invested the other 2/3's of the parts required to tow it LOL. I love it !!!!
Thanks Cindy :-)

Biography Page

So can someone tell me why everytime I try to read a biography I get either "Page not found" or "You are not allowed to access that page"?

Drive belt noise ( again ) !!!!!!!!

I know this topic has been hashed over & over , I find it strange that from day to day riding the belts acts differently . Lately the weather has been cool , very little belt noise . This wasn't the case 1 1\2 mnths. ago on a hot summer day that belt made all kinds of racket ? Does temp. really effect the final drive that way ? Just Rapp'in !!!!!!!!!

Towing Fuel Consumption

Have just been to the MotoGP at Phillip Island and documented my Fuel Usage.

Towing My Butsy's Campa fully loaded and weighing at about 150Kg. Travelling mostly between 100 - 110 Km with faster overtaking.

Averaged 6.13 L/100 Km or 38.36 Mpg over the 1700 Km of the trip.

So it means about 301 Km or 187 miles till empty

Welcome all new comers, please post trailer articles here and we can enjoy trailers and promote their use.

Butsy's Campa setup for the MotoGP week

Hi everyone,

I have a XVS1300AX 2008 with a Classic Industries towbar, It didn't fit with factory saddlebags so I had to modify it to fit and am happily towing now. I have been towing since I built my first trailer in about 1993.

I have two well three trailers at the moment. My old trailer is being borrowed by a mate to help convert him to towing.

My main trailer is a single berth Butsy's Campa from Mildura Vic, it also has a 6' fully enclosed annex. I have had it for 5 years now and haven't had any real problems but have added lots of things to it, Battery, LED internal lighting, Esky etc. It is make from steel with 8" wheels, leaf suspension with Yamaha scooter shocks.

I also have a Shadow Utility Trailer and my old Aluminium trailer I built back in 1993. My old trailer has been every where.

Shadow is Fiberglass with 8" wheels & coil over independent suspension.
Old one is aluminium with 12" Wheels and Polyurathane linked suspension.

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