A collaboration of information on Yamaha's new motorcycle - the Yamaha V-Star 1300 Tourer.
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First Ride - Complete Review

After a long cold spell I have finally had the opportunity to take my new 1300 Tourer out for a test ride. I can't complain too much about the cold weather... I definitely think it was a factor in the low price I paid for the bike ($9700).

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Aftermarket Seats for the V-Star 1300 Tourer

I have done some searching for some after market seating for the 1300 tourer, here is the information I have gathered so far.

Mustang Seats: According to their customer service: "We hope to start making seats for the 1300 by the summer of 2007."

Corbin Seats: According to their sales department "We are currently working on a full lineup for the V-star 1300 that will include the dual tour and classic solo saddles along with a couple of others and our fleetliner fairing/hard bags. These parts are still in development and should be ready within 4-6 weeks"

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What a day!

Today was the day... time to trade in the Yamaha V-Star Custom 650 and get something bigger to carry me through the mountains.

The 650 had done me well. When I purchased that bike in late 2005, it came with 38 miles on it. Apparently the previous owner had taken it home and it scared her. That in turn got me about $1500 off retail. I was pretty happy... my second real motorcycle! I had owned a few dirt bikes, a couple scooters, etc... but really I started with a Kawasaki EX500 that a friend sold to me for $400. The EX500 was a great starter bike.

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