New Yamaha Cruiser Model June 5th?

New Yamaha Cruiser Model June 5th?

Has anyone been following the "Journey Further" videos they have been releasing?

Looks like they are going to be building a big touring cruiser again. Looking forward to seeing what they have come up with. Hopefully a real competitor for the Electra/Street Glide. Maybe even the 1900cc motor in a touring package with a 6th gear? The only hint the video gives is picture of four headlights. I'm sure I wont be able to afford it regardless of what it is but it's exciting to see that they could be going after that market again. The 1300 is a great bike, I own one but it really isn't competition for the new Chieftains or Street/Electra Glides even if it is a lot more reliable and economical. Seeing them build a cruiser with some of their new tech (YCCT, ABS, Cruise, Traction Control) would be great. Maybe it will even trickle its way down the the 1300 at some point.


Star Venture

The launch video explains Yamaha is shooting to blend traditional V-Twin appeal with leading-edge technology. Priced up there with H-D and Indian, the Venture had better be good.

I have test ridden the top dog Indian and look forward to comparing this new Yammer. Glad to see Yamaha jump into the fray with all new engine, 6-speed, nicely integrated frame-mounted fairing, etc.

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Just my luck

Waited on Yamaha for a bigger engine and, more importantly, a six speed tranny for a couple of years before trading my 1300T for a Victory XCT. Excited to see what Yamaha comes up with but probably won't be able to bring one home ..... but one never knows.