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New web site......DISCOUNTED Yammy OEM parts & OEM accessories..

Cut & pasted from 'elsewhere'...........

Many of you are aware of the discounts offered on parts & accessories by Big Number 1 and Yamaha Sports Plaza locations. Well, Yamaha Sports Plaza now has a new site that could offer you an even greater discount.....
This site also belongs to YSP, but it's one they do not advertise with Google and other search engines, which means YSP doesn't pay out ongoing monthly fees. Instead, with this site they pass along some of those savings to their customers.

FYI, YSP's long standing site changed their policy awhile back: 30% on OEM parts and 25% on OEM accessories. It's already calculated in whatever you find on their site. Their NEW site shown above will now offer a minimum of a 30% discount across the board on all OEM "stuff."

They also stated that, while lots of dealers are out of stock for several of the Yammy parts & accessories, their inventory is fairly strong with a fairly good chance they could presently have available whatever you need for immediate shipping. If you're sitting around waiting for something, it could be worth the call.

Everyone take care...and stay safe.

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zee foto

Here is the link with all of your smiling faces on the Dragon. zeefoto.com starting with page 9. Y'all looking good!

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VStar 1300 Service manual link

while it works...

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'07 VStar 1300 Owner's manual pdf (official Star link)

Lose your paper manual? Have a question while online? Here is a pdf of your Owner's manual. Legit?, why of course its a "Star" link.


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Value Accessories

Seems like great prices on Mustang seats

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