Driver backrest

I was wondering if anyone has installed a driver's backrest on their 1300 tourer. I was in Hatfield,Ark. 2 weeks ago and saw one on a 2007 1300 tourer. When I talked to the owner he said that he had ordered the backrest but did not know where he got it. I like the seat that is on the bike but I need a driver's backrest for touring. Any information will be helpful.

Driver backerst

I have a driver backrest on my 2009 v star 1300. The set up is a mustang seat with matching drivers back rest. I love it!!

Im thinking somethings a miss......


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I tried to use the

I tried to use the "Introduce Yourself" part of the forum, but had no success. I tried to read some others Biography to find out what they do/or ride, but no success with that either. Some of the post/chat here make a new comer wonder if the forum is still active or not. Jim

^ Hi again Jim ...

Some of the functions that used to work on this Website don't work anymore. There are work around's. As for Bio's, all you have to do is click on any User Name that appears in blue and it will take to that person's bio. You will find many that haven't posted a bio but many of the longer term members here have.

All in all this is a great place to meet and communicate with like minded and friendly, helpful folks of every stripe. I've made some truly great friends here.

Sorry to learn that M&G 8 doesn't work for you but stay tuned. BTW, one of the first members to sign in on this Website was a Minnesoton.

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Just my 2 cents, I have had a "Utopia" backrest for several years & I think it's a wonderful product. It worked great for me on the ride for M&G7 last year at Durango Co. There are less expensive ones out there, for the money I would recommend a Utopia back rest without any reservations.

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Grasshopper Back rest...

Ask for a square model or rectangle style
I have the rectangle & Love it I also have a Mustang seat with a back rest.
Man at Grasshopper is very nice. Let him know you are with our 1300 group. Really do not know it it will help,no harm.
Raymond :-)

Jim Spruance I bought the

Jim Spruance
I bought the Grasshopper for my 1300 tourer. Paid $99, took about 30 min to install and I love it.


I've got a grasshopper backrest I got on this site a couple years ago. I installed it and used it a couple of times but my loving wife got me a Mustang seat with backrest so I took off the grasshopper and it's been in my garage ever since. If you're interested in it let me know. I paid $50 plus shipping. I'll send it to you for $50 and I'll pay the shipping if you're interested.

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Steve1300 Thank You for the offer but I was able to make the other backrest fit.

Budget backrest

Found this one online; side backrest&product_id=292&s=prod.php

Sounds like one for us more budget minded riders.


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mutazu backrest

I have this driver's backrest, and really like. Well worth the money and easy to install.


I needed to use longer bolts to get my to install, also, had to drape a towel over the bracket and bend it back about another 5-6 degrees with large slip joint pliers, then remount the pad. It took a little getting used to, since it moved me forward about two inches, from my previous seating position. I am 6'2" and have long legs, so I needed to readjust my cruise pegs on my crash bars. The bracket is very nicely chrome plated and the pad has ample cushioning. Mine was $85 including shipping. I did a 300+ mile run last weekend and it turned out to be a real back saver.


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I have had my drivers backrest for about 3 years now. I love it. It is very easy to install and once installed, you can remove or add in less than 30 seconds. LOVE IT>
by the way, I am 6'3" 250lbs

driver back rest

I made my own bracket out of 1 1/2" flat stock and used the passenger back rest as the pad. It seem to work for me and not cost an arm and a leg.

driver back rest

I made my own bracket out of 1 1/2" flat stock and used the passenger back rest as the pad. It seem to work for me and not cost an arm and a leg.

Backup Backrest

I have the Backup Backrest. It's a bit pricey but it's fully adjustable (+/- 4 inches forward/backward/up/down). I've had it on the bike for 2 years with the stock seat and have never regretted spending the money. Good luck.

Bakup Backrest

I agree. Although pricey, that backrest has the effect of making the stock seat comfortable even on long rides. At least for me. Worth every penny.

I agree also. It is a 990km,

I agree also.

It is a 990km, 11 Hour trip to Phillip Island for the GP and with the Back Up backrest is is very easy to sit there all day.. :-)

The cheapest place I found them was on

Worth the extra..

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I just got a Mustang seat with backrest and will have my Grasshopper for sell if you are interested. I loved the Grasshopper but could not pass up the deal I got on the Mustang.

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Hey BamaRed Don't sell your Grasshopper backrest yet

Grasshopper makes an upgrade for the Mustang. Had I known I wouldn't have bought another backrest.
I spoke to someone at Grasshopper and they said to ship the original Grasshopper backrest back with $45 and they will send you the new Mustang backrest.

Well I am happy ...

for you getting a better seat.
See you I hope at M & G VI


Riding with a Grasshopper

I've had my Grasshopper brand driver's backrest for over a year. Definitely saves my back especially on long rides. It's not adjustable like some set ups BUT it serves the purpose and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Haven't checked the prices lately but they used to go for less than a C note. I would caution anyone over 6' tall that the Grasshopper brand probably will make you feel a little cramp on the driver's seat unless you add forward controls.

I've had the Grasshopper

I've had the Grasshopper driver backrest for over 2 years. It's great: relatively inexpensive ($105 including S/H, easy to install, no problem getting a leg over - for me or my passenger wife).

Adjustable Grasshopper backrest

Front to back position of the Grasshopper backrest is controlled by the foam in the front of the passenger seat.
To make it adjustable, remove staples from the front half of the passenger seat cover, fold the cover back and cut the foam back to the hard seat plate. then re-staple the seat cover.
Now the backrest will slide back an inch more. If this is too much, then place a spacer at the back of the upright seat back to move it forward a little.

I found that the Grasshopper pushed me too far forward, making the seat very uncomfortable. Now that I am farther back it's much more comfortable.

Buying an adjustable seat back sounds like a good idea, but the Grasshopper is less $$.

Red Rider

I got mine off Ebay. Just

I got mine off Ebay. Just search VStar 1300 backrests on there it should come up for you. I believe mine was the Grasshopper brand also. Worked fine on the stock seat , but it won`t work with a Mustang seat . So, when i bought my Mustang seat I ordered it wIth the backrest. The Mustang seat took a long time to break in but it`s backrest was good from the beginning. JIm


I have had a couple of backrests and so far the best one I have found is Utopia. Great product a good price and very friendly/helpful people.

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^ Look through the "Image Galleries" ...

There are lot's of photos and commentary on drivers backrests. Also, try a "Search".

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not that easy

I have come across several post like this since i became a member and it seems to be the common answer " use the search" the problem with that answer is it doesn't work as well as one would think. you have to have a 6 letter word for it to conduct the search. i agree that if he were to look through the pics he will find several and i know there is lots of commentary on the topic of back rest but i think the general term of use the "search" doesn't help the new members out and i think it also pushes them away from the site.

Again everyone here is very friendly and extremely helpful unless of course it has to do with navigating this site. i have been a member for several months now and i still can't figure it out.

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^ Certainly don't know ...

all there is to know about navigating the site Jamie. I think though that I can help with a lot of the navigation and welcome anyone to write in and ask.

I agree that the "Search" isn't optimal [needing six characters], but if advising a new member to use it pushes them away, so be it. Most long time members here try to help but I think it behooves members to do some of their own research.

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6-Letter Words

are hard work, Conrad. ;)


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The "Twitter" age we live in Bryan. :-)

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"Just Trying To Help Here";

Hey You'll,

Just trying to help here with the "Search Box", in the upper left corner. I typed in the words,----"driver's seat backrest",----- in the search box window & came up with several entries reguarding backrests from past posts. Give it a try & be prepared to do some reading.
Can only hope it will help some of you out.

All my best, kritter.

That's the trick in most

That's the trick in most cases. I've been here a while now and have had the same problem from time to time. Just the other day I was doing some research on our turn signals... was kinda hard, because the search really only grabs the big words first. After that, it'l usually pull in the rest. Sometimes it's all in how you phrase it.

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