LED Illumination

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LED Illumination

Another pic of my bike with the blue dot LED lights and showing some of the color of my bike as well. Love the look, especially like the "footprint" the LED lights leave on the ground surrounding the bike. I got these installed while at Gettysburg Bike Week on July 12th of this year. There are 72 lights on my bike right now. Next year I am planning on going back to Gettysburg Bike Week and getting wheel lights installed. The work was done by Wyked Illuzionz. LED illumination adds a measure of safety for night time riding by making the bike more visible. I got a remote installed and the lights can be activated from 100 feet away. Steady burning, strobe, and fading are the functions of the remote. Only steady burning is legal in Pennsylvania. Strobe and fading are only for show and enjoyment and they are awesome. http://www.wykedilluzionz.com/


PA title 75 chapter 43/4310

Here is a link showing the Pennsylvania code allowing LED lighting on motorcycles. It was amended in 2006. Added for the safety of motorcyclists on Pennsylvania highways. I salute the Pennsylvania law makers for a job well done and realizing the added safety that LED lighting provides for motorcyclists.


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Looks Great, Makes it a lot more visible at night, I ride about 70 mi. to work have not had cars pull on my lane Since I put them on mine.


Your experiences are a good example that LED illumination actually makes it safer to ride at night. I assume they are legal in Kentucky. A lot of states are realizing the added safety feature that LED lights provide and are changing laws to make it safer for motorcyclists. It's about time!! There is a page on the site I recently added to my post that has states laws regarding LED illumination. Did you ever post a pic of your bike with the LED lights? Would love to see it.

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I don't know have not had a problem and two police officer's next door. I'm posting a pic. of my bike with LED's on, No real dark when I took picture.