Roadhouse Slip Ons

I just finished swapping the stock slip ons for the Roadhouse slip ons, all I can say is WOW. It is pouring here so all I could do is start her up in the garage, but dayuummm does she purr all pretty like now. My wife has questioned the smile I wear most the time during riding season, all I can tell her is my mistress wears a candy red coat and makes me smile everytime I think of her. It is starting to get bad I admit. I checked my e mail in the office today and saw that the Roadhouse slip ons were delivered this morning. I was supposed to spend the night in Buffalo which was two hours from the office, instead I drove the 85 miles home just to swap out the pipes, well and of course to see the missus :) I now am hoping for sunshine tomorrow so I can ride the three hours to Buffalo for my morning meeting. I did not realize the added benefits the V Star 1300 would bring me, such as that feeling of glee a child gets when he sees that new toy, the sparkle in my eye when someone comments on how great the "Keegstar" looks, or the years younger I feel now. Who knows maybe it is a phase but if it is, I hope it last a long, long time!......................Ride safe and I hope to meet you on the travelled roads...Mike

Nice video

I've said all along that if I ever change the stock pipes it would be to the Roadhouse slip ons. They have a very deep rumble. That's the sound I like, rather than the loud ear piercing blast. The video shows the nice sound that they do have. Maybe I'll get a chance to hear one some day while standing beside it. I'm sticking with stock pipes for now, but this is an excellent choice for a bit more rumble.


Installed this week

Pipes came in on Wed. everything I had to not put them on. Put them on Thursday after work and wow what a sound. Nice deep rumble.
To it around the neighborhood and thought, oh no, this is bad. Popping a lot, just not running well. Put it back in the garage. Went for a ride this morning with my wife. Ran like I hoped it would. Smooth and very little popping. Sounds great and I love it. Wife said she didn't remember it being so loud. I just smiled :) Actually set off an alarm today. Ordering the Thunder Air Kit next week. Wondering if I will need the modulator. So far this has been an amazing bike.

Mike, I know just how you

I know just how you feel. I just recently installed my Roadhouse Slip-On and put a huge grin on my face every time I twist the throttle. Congrats...
Ride Safe

Ditto here!

Based on all the positives on this site about the Roadhouse Slip-ons, I got 'em, love 'em!


RH Slip on video

Just in case there are dis-believers! =) These sound awesome!