Smoky Mountains - CLOSED: ROUTE #441 from Cherokee-Gatlinburg.....and the CHEROHALA SKYWAY

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Smoky Mountains - CLOSED: ROUTE #441 from Cherokee-Gatlinburg.....and the CHEROHALA SKYWAY

I looked and didn't see any posts about this, soooooooooo............

Rt. 441 is CLOSED between Cherokee, NC and Gatlinburg, TN, as it will remain to be for several months, perhaps much longer.

A different, but similar, situation occurred on the beautiful Cherohala Skyway where a slide removed about 2/3 of the road. It's unknown how long that road will remain closed, but possibly a few months, maybe longer.


Headed up that way in a few...

weeks that is. Thanks for the update GM!

Deal's Gap was either closed or the employees were napping....

Raymond, I contacted Microtel in Robbinsville, a very popular place for bikers. It was from them that I learned about the lane having already been constructed on the Cherohala to allow traffic through the damaged area. They mentioned that there were no concerns with the Dragon. 441 - totally shut down as referenced earlier, although road crews are supposedly working "around the clock" (??) to repair the road, with the latest optimistic completion date on that project now said to be by Memorial Day.


Thanks again.

Raymond :-)

Smoky Mountain UPDATE - - Cherohala opened, 441 to remain closed

Cherohala Skyway - contrary to what was reported earlier, the county has already opened the road after digging into the hillside and placing the roadway there. YAY!!

441 will remain closed for quite some time.

I looked at

that road on a map just this weekend and was thinking about taking it later when I go to Maggie Valley in July.
I decided against it because I want to stay away from crowded areas like Gatlinburg.
I rode Cherahola last spring - that was wide open & relaxing.
It's a shame to lose the roads.
Red Rider
Ride like you wanna ride tomorrow!

Sorry Morg

Nitro posted something last year when storms came through.
I was going to call Deals Gap & get a update.



Hey Raymond,

Different cause, different location, different situation, different moon phase, different #1 hit song in America when it happened........but, same states. :)

They've already placed road equipment on 441 to repair the roadway, apparently recognizing how vital that road is to the economy in that area.


I was trying to contact Deals gap & could not get through yesterday.
I will try a e mail.
I was looking at the map & the Dragon looks open.